Written by Lucero Benitez, COSS Communications Specialist

Gavin Baird has always had a fondness for Fresno. So it’s no surprise he’s promoted his city every chance he’s gotten — including during a prestigious graduate study experience abroad in London and now in his career as a legal analyst at Google.

Now, the Fresno State alumnus is also mentoring current students in his free time so they, too, can take advantage of opportunities to earn national honors and study internationally while representing Fresno State amongst some of the top universities in the country. To Baird, it’s a testament to what being a Bulldog is about.

“When I was in the U.K., I realized that a lot of people had mentors and experiences that I just never had, and I didn’t want people from Fresno State to come through and feel like they were at a deficit,” Baird says.

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