Written by Mars Garcia-Harem, COSS Communications Specialist Student Assistant

The College of Social Sciences is proud to have three of its professors be recipients of the Provost’s Awards for the 2018-2019 academic year. The Provost Awards honor faculty members who set new standards of excellence and represent the heart of our university.

The professors recognized by Interim Provost Dr. Robert M. Harper are Dr. Emma Hughes (Department Chair and Professor of Criminology), Dr. Lisa Anderson (Department of Anthropology), and Dr. Lisa Bryant (Assistant Professor of Political Science).

The distinction of Promising New Faculty was awarded to Dr. Lisa Bryant, who has been teaching at Fresno State since 2014.

“I am honored to be recognized. It is nice to know that your colleagues appreciate your work and contributions,” Dr. Bryant said.

She teaches Introduction to American Government and Institutions (PLSI2, PLSI2H), Introduction to Public Policy (PLSI 150), Political Analysis/Stats (PLSI 90), Political Behavior and Public Opinion (PLSI 152), Political Psychology (PSLI 161), Campaigns and Elections (156T), State and Local Government (PLSI 160), Graduate Methods (MPA 201), State and Local Politics (MPA 215), and Data Visualization (MPA 289T).


hsDr. Lisa Anderson was named Outstanding Lecturer. She has taught a variety of courses in her sixteen years teaching at the University including Cultural Anthropology (Anth 2), Critical Thinking in Anthropology (Anth 30), Biological and Behavioral Evolution of the Human Species (Anth 161), Applied Anthropology (Anth 105W), Anthropology of Religion (Anth 116W), and Pacific Archaeology (Anth 159T).  

“It is a real honor to be recognized in this way.  Especially after seeing the level of effort that my colleagues and students put into building a nomination packet.  It is a lot of work, and it’s touching to me that they would go to those lengths to see my efforts recognized,” she said, “This is especially valuable because adjuncts have very few opportunities to be acknowledged for their dedication and contributions to student success and the University.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr. Emma Hughes was honored with the Faculty Service Award. She has been teaching at Fresno State since 2007 and became Chair of the Criminology Department in 2016. As Chair, she teaches one class per semester – in the fall semester she teaches the Advanced Criminological Theory course in the criminology graduate program and this spring she taught a newer course, Punishment and Society. Her teachings, much like her research and service work, relate to prisons and jails, with a particular focus on the role that education and arts programs can play in helping incarcerated individuals transform their lives.

“It’s always nice to feel that your work is recognized and valued. More generally, I hope that this recognition helps to shine a light on the important and exciting work that faculty are undertaking throughout the Criminology Department,” she said, “Also, I think it is an important recognition for Project Rebound, our campus support program for formerly incarcerated students, with which I’ve been integrally involved since it began at Fresno State in 2016.”

We’re extremely honored to have our professors be recognized for their achievements and excellence.