Criminology students Kaylee Jones and Raymundo Diaz presented their research while learning from others in their field at the Western Society of Criminology conference in Long Beach earlier this year. 

“Conferences expose students to research that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see or hear,” said Dr. Jenna Kieckhaefer, Fresno State Criminology professor.  She says the events also help students make plans for their futures.  “The networking opportunities and meeting experts in the field are also very important for potential graduate school decisions.”

As Day of Giving approaches the College of Social wants you to know how important your gifts are to transforming the experiences of students on the Fresno State campus.Kieckhaefer DOG conference student presentors

Participating in conferences gives students the chance to practice their public speaking skills as they explain complex research they have been working on during prior semesters. Dr. Kieckhaefer, Ryan and Kaylee all presented their work at the southern California conference. Gift from last year’s Day of Giving helped make the trip possible.

Even small gifts help students gain important conference experience. Fifty dollars will cover one night in a hotel room and just ten dollars will pay for a meal. Your gift will play an important part in giving students the opportunity to grow as young professionals and advance their academic careers.

Day of Giving is November 1. Together we can boldly prepare the next generation of leaders, one gift at a time.