Dr. Larissa Mercado-Lopez, associate professor in the Women’s Studies Program at Fresno State, was selected as a 2018 Emerging Scholar and is featured in the January edition of “Diverse: Higher Education” magazine.

Each year the magazine selects scholars under 40 years of age from across the country who are making their marks through teaching,research and service. This year, 15 scholars who serve as an inspiration to students and colleagues were selected.

Mercado-Lopez was nominated by her mentor, Dr. Norma Cantú, who said, “Dr. Mercado-Lopez’s scholarship, service, and teaching aregrounded in commitments to diversity, inclusion and equity for underrepresented students, faculty and communities.”

The article focuses on Mercado-Lopez’s research on Chicana literature and feminist fitness along with her research on student parents at Fresno State.

“I’m grateful for the continued support by my mentor, who nominated me, and for my colleagues who have further supported me in my scholarship here at Fresno State. This award reflects the many opportunities that others have provided for me,” Mercado-Lopez said. “As a mother of four children, being a mother-scholar has been difficult, but I hope that this award shows the academy what is possible when parents, especially mothers, are given not only support, but meaningful opportunities for growth and leadership.”

Mercado-Lopez became the first Chicana to win a Provost Award at Fresno State in 2016. Her successes also include extensive publicationswith five co-edited volumes of scholarship, seven book chapters, numerous book reviews and articles, two children’s books and two currentbook projects.

“Diverse,” previously called “Black Issues In Higher Education,” first published its “Emerging Scholars” edition in 2002. It has remained oneof the magazine’s most popular editions since its inception. ”Diverse” editors select honorees from a pool of candidates recommended byvarious scholars, department chairs, university public information officers and others.

The selection is based on each scholar’s research, educational background, publishing record, teaching record, competitiveness offield of study and uniqueness of field of study. Each selected leader has demonstrated perseverance, tenacity and has had broad impact.

To read the full article about Mercado-Lopez in the “Diverse: Higher Education” magazine click here.