~ Graphics and article by Taylor Blaire Mosher, COSS media assistant

The College of Social Sciences has never had its own sash for students to wear during convocation/commencement, until spring 2018. Students are invited to design the first-ever spring commencement sash for the college by entering a sash design competition.

The college hopes that having its own sash will give students a new opportunity to show their pride in their college.

“We want student design input because the sash is intended to represent all of our majors and should be something that students themselves will be proud to wear,” said Michelle DenBeste, interim dean of the College of Social Sciences.

The winning sash design will become the first sash specifically for the College of Social Sciences. Graduating students who are being honored by their departments and/or the college will be awarded the sashes at a ceremony. Other students will have the opportunity to purchase sashes so that they can show their College of Social Sciences spirit.


Please submit all designs to Lucero Benitez, communications specialist for the College of Social Sciences, at the following email: lbenitez@mail.fresnostate.edu

The body of your email submission should include your name, major, academic year and preferred contact information. All designs should be attached to the email as an image file, preferably as a .jpg file.

The official deadline for submissions is Friday, Dec. 8.

The college has created a suggested design template on Canva, a simple, free graphic design website. To view or begin working with the suggested template, click here. You are welcome to change the design in any way you would like, so long as you adhere to the shape of the sash itself.

Good luck, and happy designing!